We have included a simple formula to explain how settlements work:

(Winnings + partner share of fee) – (Buy-in + Fee) = settlement (+/-)

Fees are split 50:50 with the partner and will be itemized in the settlement reports

For example

Player buys into a $20 (buy-in) +2 (fee)

The settlement for this transaction would be:

$20+$2-$1=$21 payable to WTN

Buy-in plus fee less partner share of fee = settlement

If the partner’s player won the tournament e.g. $100

the settlement would then be

$100-$21 = $79 payable to the Partner

Winnings less WTN settlement due = settlement to partner

In a nutshell, the three elements that in the aggregate make up the settlement calculation are:

  1. Service Fee
  2. Buy-In
  3. Prizing, if any


WTN will provide Financial settlement Statement based on a calendar month that includes:


We provide a Marketers Package to your team so you can prepare your own advertising campaigns. The package includes the generic names of tournaments along with related promotional information. In most cases you’ll receive this package 6 weeks in advance of the start date of the tournament.

During the duration of our contract you may disclose and promote your player network as part of the WTN. The accepted logo, copy, and brand guidelines will be provided within the Welcome & Marketer’s Packages.

Use of Customer Information

The privacy of your customers is as important to us as it is to you. WTN will not be privy to any of your customer’s private information. The only information needed is the created tag ID of the player. We use this information to support our Partners to preventing fraud and collusion.

This complete anonymity protects your customer while ensuring you that any private player information remains solely in your hands. Furthermore the network doesn’t hold the funds of your customer’s balances.

Tournament Cancellation Policies

New tournaments are being added regularly. Tournament names, and suggested marketing tactics, are always available in the monthly Marketer’s Package.

In the event of last minute changes (paused, cancelled, re-scheduled tournaments) one of our representatives will get in touch with your designated contact person, to brief him/her on the details.


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